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How to start slimming?

You do not need to starve, torment your body in a fitness center, stress yourself and live in fear of the yo-yo effect following a couple of lost kilograms. The key to success are tailor-made menus which take into account the effects of insulin and regular eating of at least five meals a day. All this is offered to you by one of the most sophisticated weight optimization programs which you can use FOR FREE.

Just create your PROFILE and get access to your dietary guidelines and to the compilation of menus tailored exactly for you. You will also get access to recipes for suitable meals and a calculator for calculating the energy value of meals.


GTF factor      

VitalChrom Shake R helps you with effective slimming. It supplies your body with the necessary nutrients, it induces a long-lasting state of satiety and, above all, it can affect insulin activity through the GTF factor. The shake prevents insulin from creating and storing new fat.


The diet is based on VitalChrom Shake R. It is a drink for energy-restricted diets designed for weight reduction. The drink was produced according to trends of modern dietetics. This drink not only provides the body with the necessary nutrional substances but also with the GTF factor. The GTF factor activates innate mechanisms of effective slimming without the yo-yo effect.

You can order VitalChrom Shake R via this website.

Do you want to slim down successfully?

Successful slimming is based on knowledge of nutrition and functioning of your body. It is important to make the energy intake lower than the energy expenditure during the process of weight reduction. However, each person requires an individual approach.


We perform complex diagnostics and measurement of energy metabolism. The results provide us with composition of your body, how much excess body fat you have and where it is located, the ability of your body to burn nutrients and what shape you are in.



If you can't visit us, you can try to lose weight following a nutritional program recommended by us.

Do you want to lose weight permanently?

In order to achieve the maximum and long-lasting effect, it is important to follow dietary guidelines based on your profile and to incorporate exercise (that is adequate to your age, gender and shape) to your day.



A walk in the country is the most ideal physical activity to burn fats. The optimal speed is about 5 km per hour on a straight road and 4 km per hour on a wavy road.

 Here are some tips on how to solve problems related to obesity.

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