What makes the project Slimming with Kerbet different?

We use accurate data

Our data do not come from 30-year old databases or from the internet. We are equipped with state-of-the-art analysers and we use cutting-edge analytical procedures. Our laboratory also participates in ring trials regularly. IN OTHER WORDS, WE USE ACCURATE DATA.

To analyse foods, we use atomic absorption spectrophotometry, high pressure liquid chromatography, polarography, isotachophoresis, amino acid analysis, spectrophotometry and more.




We offer you dietary guidelines tailored for you

Our dietary guidelines are not based on internet articles or principles published in relation with dubious diets which contradict modern dietetics. Our claims are based on our own measurements of energy metabolism. Therefore, we know that metabolism rates differ among people. OUR DIETARY GUIDELINES ARE TAILORED FOR YOU.





Our approach to nutrition is brand new

The key to successful slimming is to make use of some biochemical processes which occur in our bodies naturally. Our body may be an incredibly complicated biological system, but surprisingly, it follows simple principles. Majority of diets neglect those principles and as a result they induce the yo-yo effect. OUR APPROACH TO NUTRITION IS BRAND NEW.


Food provides your body with nutrients which are broken down into simpler compounds during the digestive process. They can be used as building units of new compounds or as a source of energy.




Become your own nutritional counsellor

Our nutritional program is highly sophisticated and even a layman can create an optimized menu compiled according to the principles of modern dietetics. It is up to you to choose between taking advantage of this offer or spending money for something you can create on your own. If you decide to use the services of a nutritional counsellor, be an equal partner with the counsellor in discussion about your diet. BECOME YOUR OWN NUTRITIONAL COUNSELLOR.


Weight reduction requires you to accept certain limitations in your food intake. However, less food increases the probability of inducing a lack of an important nutrient. It cannot happen to you if you follow our dietary guidelines.



Outdoor activities are the most suitable physical exercise

Physical activity is required. We are, however, advocates of physical activity appropriate to your age and health as opposed to intensive physical exercise. From a health perspective, inactivity increases the risk of untimely death much more than moderate obesity. We consider the combination of obesity with inactivity to be lethal. AN OUTDOOR ACTIVITY IS THE MOST SUITABLE PHYSICAL EXERCISE.

Buy a puppy and walk it at the same time for three days in a row. Your four-legged friend will get used to the walk and it will demand it. That means that the puppy will become a guarantee of your regular physical activity.


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