VitalChrom Shake R

VitalChrom represents a modern way of slimming based on affecting the insulin activity through glucose tolerance factor. The main function of insulin is to create energy storage in the body. For this reason, insulin encourages fat formation and storage. The more insulin molecules circulate in blood, the more is fat formation and storage encouraged and the faster you gain weight.

Increased blood sugar level induces the release of insulin. Another function of insulin is to maintain the normal blood sugar level. If the level of sugar in blood increases, the pancreas receives the instruction to release insulin. This, however, does not mean that insulin will remove the blood sugar from the body. Insulin’s task is to deliver the blood sugar inside cells as quickly as possible. The cells burn the blood sugar and gain energy in the process. The body then uses this energy to perform an activity or saves it in the form of storage substances – glycogen or fat.

VitalChrom Shake R contains vitamins C, D, E, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and more.   VitalChrom Shake R


It is necessary for the insulin to adhere to the surface of a cell in order to deliver the blood sugar into the cell. That, however, requires presence of the glucose tolerance factor (GTF factor). The active ingredient of the GTF is a special complex of trivalent chromium. This complex helps in maintaining normal metabolism of macronutrients i.e. sugars, fats and proteins. The trivalent chromium is also involved in mechanisms ensuring the normal blood sugar level. In other words, if the blood sugar level increases, the GTF factor activates insulin which decreases the blood sugar concentration to the normal level.

If the body lacks the GTF factor or the insulin sensitivity is decreased, the pancreas has to release a greater amount of insulin molecules into blood. More insulin molecules mean stronger stimulation of storage fat creation and weight gain. Affecting the insulin activity is the modern medical way of solving obesity. In other words, it is an endeavour to make the insulin work to the maximum and to limit excess insulin releases into the blood. You can achieve that by lowering your sugar intake and also by providing your body with enough GTF factor.

VitalChrom Shake R      

Replace your breakfast and dinner with VitalChrom Shake R and you will provide you body with important vitamins and substances


Because of that, it is useful to add the VitalChrom Shake R to your diet. It is a food intended for use in energy-restricted diets for weight reduction. The biggest advantage of this product is the fact that besides nutritionally important substances it contains the complex of trivalent chromium. The VitalChrom Shake R contains 34 nutritionally important substances in total and in an adequate ratio.

The dietary supplement VitalChrom in the form of capsules is intended for increasing the effect of insulin as well. Besides the complex of trivalent chromium, it contains vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 which contribute to normal energetic metabolism significantly.

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