What can you find in your profile?

After creating a profile, you will gain access to many interesting functions of the program. You will get customized daily menus including their energy and nutrition information. You can create your own menus according to your taste by selecting meals from our database as well. Being a registered user also allows you to view the recipes for meals from our database. Furthermore, you can use the nutrition calculator and the chart of physical activities recommended to you.


Recipe example

Every meal in our database includes a recipe with directions and complete nutrition information. You can view the recipe by clicking on the name of the meal or by entering a meal code in the search field in the upper right corner. Arrows in the nutrition information are a useful aid. They visually compare the nutrient content of a meal with the recommended values which are equivalent to the principles of a healthy diet.

You can prepare a normal or a small serving according to the required energy intake.


MF026 - Quark Pancakes with Fruit

The recipes also include information on exchange units which are particularly useful to diabetics. The biggest advantage of our recipes is the fact that recipes suitable for diabetics bear a green seal.


Example daily menu

You can choose a balanced daily menu from our selection of daily menus or you can create your own daily menu. You just have to create a menu with energy, carbohydrates, fats and fibre values which are as close to the recommended values as possible (total values fulfilling this condition are highlighted in yellow).

create your daily menu


The program allows you replace any meal with another meal from our database or with a meal you created.


Example of the energy and nutrient intake chart

Click on the chart icon and you will see the nutrient chart and icons representing different types of physical activities with the time you should spend doing the individual activities (you can choose the one most suitable for you).

Time values relate to a leisurely pace.




Example of a 7-day menu

You can use 7-day menus and search for the recipes by the meal codes listed in brackets.


Here is an example of a 7-day menu with the average energy intake 7000 kJ per day. The 5-character codes in the brackets represent the meal codes).



If you want to prepare a meal which is not in our database, you can find out the nutritional information of this meal in our calculator. You can also save your meal and use it in your menu. Furthermore, it enables you to find out the nutritional information of meals you have eaten during the day.


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