Try to lose weight differently

Obesity does not hurt but from the medical point of view obesity is much more dangerous than most people admit. It demonstrably shortens life and it causes metabolic complications which usually lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, thrombosis, stroke or heart attack. Yet, in most cases all you have to do to improve your health is to reduce your weight by 10%. Every obesity specialist can confirm that medicamentous treatment is less efficient in comparison to the adjustment of eating habits and a moderate increase of physical activity.

Be smart and lose weight from the comfort of your home

The project slimming with Kerbet will show you how to lose weight and how to improve your shape. You do not have to starve, torment your body in a fitness center and live in constant fear of the yo-yo effect following a couple of lost kilos. If you, however, expect that we will promise you that you will lose 14 kg in 2 weeks or that we will recommend you some miraculous pills which will burn fats while you are watching TV, do not waste your time and close this website. Slimming does not work this way and you have to follow certain principles.

The human body is an incredibly complicated biological system, but surprisingly, it follows simple principles. The key to effective slimming is to utilize some of the biochemical processes which occur in our bodies naturally. This project does not try to control body functions artificially. You simply change your lifestyle more or less and your body will react. You will be surprised how little it takes to achieve some results.

Every person can slim down. All you need is the will to meet certain conditions. These conditions differ among people but we can determine these conditions and provide you with recommendations leading to weight reduction. How many kilos you slim down depends only on you. You can lose as many as 50 kg if you follow our recommendations. It does require much more effort and more time than losing 10 kg but it is possible. The approach to losing 50 kg is, however, different than the approach to losing 10 kg. Each person is different and each person needs a different approach. What works for one person may not work for another.

High-quality information is priceless

Very few obese people were not faced with the question what to do with their obesity. They ask their friends, read something in magazines or search on the internet. In many cases they follow the often repeated rule     less food, more exercise. After some time, they are constantly tired, they get no joy out of exercising and losing weight is becoming a nuisance. They also experience headaches and an occasional uncontrollable desire to eat something sweet. Such persons succumb to commercials and buy guaranteed slimming products. Who cares that they cost horrendous amounts of money. Their bodies need this sacrifice. But will these products fulfil their promises?

This spontaneous approach helps to very few people. Even though they manage to lose some weight they gain it back quickly. Disenchantment, anger and lack of self-confidence follow. People often justify their failure to themselves by saying that no diets or exercise work for them and that it is completely pointless to “torment” their bodies any further.

Slimming does not have to be expensive at all

Many interested people can be surprised by the fact that slimming can be much cheaper than they think. If you are one of those who are shy to speak to other people about your weight, than you have come to the right website. We can advise you on losing weight. All you have to do is to create your profile.

Once you log in, you can find information relating to your energy and nutrient intake. The program will provide you with data which were tailored to your body. To achieve that, the program needs to know at least your gender, weight, height and age. This data are necessary for creating the most optimal weight reduction regime and selecting the right diet. You can use this program for free. No strings attached.



Try our test

Would you like to know your dispositions for slimming? Try our simple test which can help you choose the slimming method which is suitable for you. The more accurately you answer, the more accurate the result will be.


Everything goes better with a smile on your face

In conclusion, we would like to share a story with you. A woman asked the author of this project: “And what you’re going to do if I follow all your recommendations and I don’t lose a kilo?” The author thought for a moment and said: “If you aren’t suffering from a metabolic condition, you follow our recommendations and you don’t lose a kilo, then a living perpetual motion machine is standing in front of me and I’ll return my university degree.”

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