3-Day Military Diet

Diets with energy intake around 4500 kJ (approx. 1100 kcal) are generally considered to be hazardous and people should not follow them without the consent of their doctor. The more you want to lower your energy intake, the more strict restrictions on food intake have to be placed. Lower food intake inevitably leads to a deficiency of nutritionally important substances. This deficiency can result in serious health problems. We can say that low-energy diets which don’t include special nutritional mix (usually in a form of shake) don’t provide sufficient amounts of the required nutrients.

Our nutritional calculator also indicates that the 3-day military diet leads to tiredness, irritation, and the yo-yo effect. The diet is absolutely unsuitable for people with certain health problems or for people exposed to stress. To achieve a weight loss without causing adverse effects, the daily energy intake shouldn’t be lowered by more than 15 - 20% of your normal energy intake.

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